Range of services

With our range of services, we support you from the initial idea to a market-ready development. We are also happy to provide you with neutral advice on strategic technical decisions. Our competencies lie in the following areas:

Control technology

Innovative automation solutions are increasingly emerging as modern software solutions. This often requires more than a classic PLC in order to be future-oriented here. We feel comfortable in future control architectures, starting with flexible hardware (FPGA), via hardware-related software up to cloud-based solutions. These technologies for the implementation of control algorithms both in real-time and non-real-time are the basis of innovative automation solutions.

Control engineering

In production engineering, the precise, dynamic and reproducible adjustment of the position and speed of moving machine components represents a major challenge. This requires highly dynamic drive control with high robustness. We work with a wide range of technologies of drive systems, control concepts and different multi-axis kinematics.

Communication technology

Communication technology is playing an increasingly important role for mechanical and plant engineering. In this context, we drive innovations in the area of real-time and non-real-time as well as wired and wireless communication. In addition to the specification and implementation of communication protocols (e.g. time-sensitive networking, OPC UA) and application profiles (companion specifications), this also includes validation and testing.

Mechanical engineering

The static and dynamic behavior of machines and production plants determines the quality and efficiency of manufacturing processes. Since the overall behavior results from the coupled interaction of the components, great importance is attached to their further development or the research of alternative approaches in order to meet increasing requirements from machine and plant engineering. Among other things, we cover accuracy investigations, frequency response measurements, modal analyses, process force measurements, circularity tests and electrical power analyses.

Virtual production

In the life cycle of machines and plants, there is a need for innovative digital models, methods and tools that make the increasing complexity of future production systems manageable, enable optimizations on the comprehensive virtual image of production up to the virtual factory acceptance test, and support production during operation. Data and dynamics modeling, (real-time) simulation enable future-proof virtual production.

Automation technology

The robust and efficient automation of innovative manufacturing processes requires appropriate and flexible solutions. We are happy to take on the individual challenge and develop suitable concepts for you, right up to special machines.


Existing solutions often do not deliver the desired performance or are technologically outdated and no longer meet today’s requirements. We are happy to take on a variety of approaches for the analysis, optimisation or even targeted retrofitting of existing systems.

Knowledge building

You hear about new technologies, trends or even just buzzwords and want to evaluate them for yourself or bring your employees up to the state of the art in certain areas? We would be happy to support you with customised consulting or training on various topics in the field of automation technology.

We look forward to mastering future challenges together with you.
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